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Location: Dayton, OH
College: Cedarville University, Cedarville, OH
Degree: B.A. Management Information Systems (2002)
Certifications: Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) 2002

Music, Playing Guitar, Working on Cars, Home Improvement, Photography, Computers, Website Programming, Driving in the snow, NHL Hockey, Sand Volleyball, Settlers of Catan board game

Foods: Lasagna, Carrot Casserole, Chicken Parmesan
Sports: Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Soccer
Desserts: Peanut Butter Pie, Peanut Butter Passion ice cream

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  • LINQ-to-XML Dynamic Where Clauses Using Ternary Operators
  • C# List delegate alphanumeric sort
  • Using HTML form input arrays with ColdFusion 7
  • Capture selected text or cursor position in a TEXTAREA with JavaScript
  • Show/Hide all SELECT input items on a page with JavaScript
  • Show/Hide element with opacity level fading using JavaScript
  • CAPTCHA form-protection of images using PHP and GD 2.0 library
  • Resizing images using PHP and the GD 2.0 library
  • Rotating images using PHP and the GD 2.0 library
  • Cropping images using JavaScript, PHP, and the GD 2.0 library
  • Add image watermarks using PHP and the GD 2.0 library